img_2005A cornerstone of getting involved in politics, is knowing who represents you. And knowing who your Representative, Senator, Governor, council member, etc. is important for more than just election years (though that is important too).  They’re the people to contact about your specific concerns about your district, state, and country.  You can also contact them about specific policies and upcoming votes.


1. Who represents you:

On the national level, find out who represents you in:

2. How should you contact them?

You can contact your representatives through mail, email, social media, and telephone.  But the most effective method of contacting representatives and getting your voice heard is to call their offices.

3. How did they vote?

It’s important to know how your representatives have vote – and if you approve of their record. This information is not only relevant during the election cycle, it’s also important because you can contact their offices about it voice concern or appreciation. You can check out for all kinds of information on tracking legislation, committee activity, and votes.

But don’t stop on the national level, learn more about state and local politics too!